Even if there is the most minor accident the police may investigate an offence of careless driving or driving without due care and attention as it is also known. If you are found guilty of this offence then you could face either endorsement of your licence or disqualification from driving.

If this offence is proved against you the insurance company will take this as proof of your negligence and pay out any other party involved in the accident. You may then lose your no claims bonus and face an increase in your insurance premiums

There are more serious variations of this offence such as causing serious injury or death by careless driving which can carry long prison sentences

Whatever offence you are accused of you need expert advice from Cousins Tyrer at the earliest possible stage. If you are to be interviewed by a police officer you are entitled to free advice.
If your case goes to court we will try to obtain funding for your defence through either your insurance company or through legal aid. In the event that these avenues are no available we will provide you with an expert service at a fair price