This is an area of law that was not really focused on by practioners until the early 2000’s, at which time the sector started to grow exponentially, given at the time the many breaches of Human Rights within prison and successful challenges against prison decisions at the High Court.

Unfortunately, since 2010, along with many cuts throughout Legal Aid, Prison Law has suffered greatly. There are now many limitations on what services are offered to those in prison under Legal Aid.

You will see from the tabs within the Prison Law section the services that we offer, we suggest that if you or your family member/friend require any of the services that you instruct a solicitor at the earliest opportunity. Much of the work we undertake is determined by timescales and if we are not instructed in time, decision that cannot be challenged may be made without consideration of the prisoner’s point of view.

If you have a query that does not fall into any of those categories, our experienced team will be happy to discuss any issues, offer advice where possible or sign post you to the relevant agencies that may be in a position to help.

We do also offer limited private work on cases of Category D review and HDC applications. Where possible this will be a fixed fee of no less than £250 per case.

We currently offer the following services to those people serving sentences in prisons in England and Wales;