It has become increasingly easy in recent years for any driver to face the risk of disqualification particularly under the totting up provisions. These provisions say that if a driver is punished with 12 or more points within any 3 year period they must usually face a disqualification from driving for a minimum period of 6 months.

We know that the loss of a driving licence could lead to the loss of your business, job or home and we are specialists in fighting to keep your licence

We have experience in keeping our clients licence even when they have 12 or more points. We can present your mitigating circumstances to the court and argue if necessary that the loss of your licence could lead to exceptional hardship not only to you but your family or dependants. When these arguments succeed the court has the discretion to allow a person to keep driving even when  they have more than 12 points.

There may also be circumstances relating to your case where the court may find ‘special reasons’. These are circumstances that are unusual or special in any given case where although you are guilty the court will not usually impose any disqualification from driving and nothing more than a nominal penalty. We can advise you about these circumstances and argue your case in court.

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