As an indeterminate sentence prisoner with a tariff, if you are successful on your sentence and reach a Category C prison, complete relevant offence-based courses and have suitable prison behaviour. 3 years prior to your tariff expiry date, you may be invited to apply for a move to open conditions.

If a prisoner finds themselves being put forward for a Pre-Tariff review, much in the same way as Parole, a dossier is compiled and they instruct a solicitor to represent them in the review. Once legal representations are added to the dossier, a single member of the Parole Board considered the case with the following options;

  • Recommendation to move to open conditions on the papers (the final decision is with the Ministry of Justice)
  • Direction that the case be considered further at an Oral hearing
  • Direction to remain in closed conditions and a further review to take place once the tariff expiry date arrives.