Dangerous driving is an offence that can either be dealt with in the Magistrates court or the Crown court. It is a serious matter because conviction not only carries the risk of a custodial sentence but also a mandatory disqualification from driving of at least 12 months and the requirement to take an extended re test.

Recent relaxations in where interviews can be held have resulted in Police officers conducting interviews with those accused in the disarming environment of the suspects own home where it is tempting to forgo the right to free legal advice for what at the time appeared to be nothing more than a friendly chat. Contact us before your interview our specialists will advise you about the interview and the evidence that the police propose to use against you.

Having a specialist on your side could prevent a prosecution at all. What you say even in an informal interview at home can be used against you should the matter ever come to court

In the event that proceedings are taken against you we will provide the best possible representation to achieve the outcome you want