David Tyrer, one of the founding partners of Cousins Tyrer, is a keen motorcyclist. His interest led to him representing a number of people who needed assistance having been accused of speeding.

This led in part to the firm developing a reputation for defending clients accused of speeding and other motoring offences. We know and understand the consequences a conviction penalty points or disqualification can have on our client’s lives. We can advise you as to whether the police have followed the correct procedure and have the necessary evidence that can be used in court to secure a conviction.

We will challenge whenever possible evidence which is flawed. We charge fair fixed fees for advising and representing you in relation to offences of speeding whenever possible. Unlike some other so-called motoring law experts, we will give you honest advice up front about the prospects of success rather than dashing your hopes at the door of the court £1000’s down the line